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Electric Vehicle Charging Frequently Asked Questions

At our Honda dealership near Henderson, our team is standing by to answer all your questions about electric cars and EV charging. We'll tell you everything you need to know about EV charging and answer questions like "where can I charge an EV?" or "how do I prepare my garage for an electric vehicle?" Get the answers to these questions and more to see why buying an EV is a great investment. The experts at Findlay Honda will go over everything you need to know about EV charging and help you buy a new electric car that you'll love when the time is right!

How Do You Charge an Electric Vehicle?

When you buy an electric car in Las Vegas, you can charge it at a public EV charging station or at home. Many electric vehicles come with an at-home charging kit that provides Level 1 overnight charging. If you upgrade to a Level 2 at-home charger, your vehicle will charge more quickly. DC Fast Charging stations are available on the go and can charge EV batteries quickly while you make short stops. Break your relationship with the fuel pump altogether when you buy a new electric car.

How Do I Prepare My Garage for an EV?

Make sure your garage or EV is prepared for your electric vehicle by ensuring it's correctly wired up for an electric car charger. Most at-home EV chargers will be Level 1 or Level 2, so depending on which kind you need you'll want the correct unit installed. If your garage is cluttered, it's a good idea to clean it out so there's enough space for both your vehicle and the charging cable. If you're unsure if your home can support an EV charging system, let our sales team know. We'll be able to tell you more about prepping your home for an electric car when you visit our nearby Honda dealership.