Lease Returns

Findlay Honda Lease Return Department

At YOUR service and on YOUR terms!

When coming to the end of your existing lease with Honda, we know you have a lot to consider. Rest assured, we are here to help. In fact, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals on staff to guide you through your options and to help make the transition to your next vehicle, smoother and more convenient than ever.

How are we different?

We know your time is valuable and in short supply. Our Lease Return team has worked tirelessly to develop a process that is not only convenient, but also REWARDING!

1. We offer Concierge Service! This means, that our team will schedule to meet you at a time and location that is most convenient for YOU. Once you have had your vehicle inspection successfully completed, they will pick up your terminated lease vehicle and return it to Honda on your behalf.

2. As a "Thank You" for doing business with Honda, you will receive a $100 VISA gift card when we pick up your vehicle. No strings attached.

Do you love your Honda too much to let it go?

We are happy to assist with this process as well. We will work to acquire the most beneficial options for you to purchase your leased vehicle. Our team of finance professionals will walk you through this process to make it as seamless as possible and get you on the road to ownership.

Curious about the market value on your leased vehicle?

With the ability to research the specific demand and value of your vehicle, our remarketing team may be able to offer you a unique opportunity. Often, the Honda brand holds its value so well, that you may have equity by the end of your lease. If that is the case, they will work with you to be able to trade it in and take advantage of it! Putting your investment to work for you.

Contact our team for further details or questions regarding the return of your lease. Our dedicated staff will show you the options and provide further information on the simple process for all lease returns. Thank you!